All The North Dorset Liberal Democrats are an organisation that work tirelessly for their local community. From Blandford Forum in the south, to Alderholt in the east and Shaftesbury in the north, your Lib Dem Councillors were elected because of their commitment to their local communities. 



Hugo Mieville is the parliamentary spokesman for the North Dorset Liberal Democrats.


The North Dorset Liberal Democrats are a local party of the national Liberal Democrats political party.

This local party operates in the North Dorset Parliamentary Constituency and contests elections held locally, including UK Parliament elections, Dorset County Council elections and district council elections. It is also involved in other elections such as European Parliament elections and the Dorset Police & Crime Commissioner elections.

  • The district council wards in the parliamentary constituency are all the North Dorset DC wards and also those East Dorset DC wards in the constituency.

The North Dorset Liberal Democrats are part of the Western Counties Liberal Democrats, which is a regional party of the English Liberal Democrats. The national Liberal Democrats are in fact a federal party of the three Liberal Democrat parties of England, Scotland and Wales. 

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