Blandford+ Neighbourhood Plan Stalled


The Blandford+ Neighbourhood Plan 2015-2031, although approved, subject to a local referendum, has been referred to the 'Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government' for independent review.

As background:

The Blandford+ Neighbourhood Plan 2015-2031 is intended to provide planning policies for the "neighbourhood" of the combined council areas of:

Blandford Town Council,

Blandford St. Mary Parish Council and

Bryanston Parish Council.

The plan's policies are intended to provide more detailed planning policies for this neighbourhood, than is provided in the North Dorset District Council Local Plan.

The plan was examined at a public hearing held on the 10th April 2017. The independent examiner then subsequently produced her report on the 18th July 2017. In her report, the independent examiner said she approved the neighbourhood plan, subject to her recommendations, and she considered it could proceed to a neighbourhood referendum.

However, this was rejected by the Blandford+ group who have issued the following statement:

"B+ considers there are a number of inaccuracies in the report and considers that the examination might have gone differently if the examiner knew at the time that there is no 5 year housing land supply in North Dorset."

"The group have therefore written to the Secretary of State to use his discretionary powers to intervene in this matter."

..."for now the plan will stay on hold until we can resolve this matter."


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