By election result


In March the Liberal Democrats came within just EIGHT votes of defeating the Conservative candidate in a recent by-election in Dorset. Candidate David Tooke polled over 46% of the vote in this previously safe Conservative area, despite the Lib Dems having not contested the ward at the last election.

The result shows that there is now NO safe Conservative ward in Dorset.


Following that close call there were to by-elections on North Dorset District Council in May. In the Blandford Hill Top ward Hugo Mieville ran a fantastic campaign and failed by just SIX votes by defeat the Conservatives. On the same day David Tibbles stood for the Lib Dems in Hill Forts ward and despite an interrupted campaign managed third place in a ward we had previously not contested.

Despite the disappointment in coming so close we can take comfort in the knowledge that in every election we have fought our share of the vote has gone up and it showed that North Dorset Liberal Democrats are fighting back. More importantly, it shows that we are the natural challengers to the Conservatives in North Dorset and we are now in a great position to challenge them next time.

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