Parliamentary Constituency Boundary Review 2018


The Boundary Commission for England will announce new parliamentary constituency boundaries for England in September 2018. 

The 'Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Act 2011' required boundary commissions to reduce the number of parliamentary seats from 650 to 600 and 'The Boundary Commission for England' (BCE) 2018 Boundary Review is in compliance with this.

The BCE has consulted twice on its proposals for the 2018 Boundary Review - the last time at the end of 2017. At that time the BCE was proposing, roughly speaking, to cut the existing North Dorset Parliamentary Constituency in half and replace it with two new ones:

  • Mid Dorset Parliamentary Constituency
    • This would skirt the Bournemouth/Poole urban constituencies to the south, extending from Wareham in the west to Pentridge in the east, and include both the towns of Blandford Forum and Wimborne.
  • Warminster & Shaftesbury Parliamentary Constituency
    • This unnatural constituency would consist of two unrelated communities, North Dorset and Warminster/Westbury, separated by miles of mostly uninhabited countryside and, unusually, crossing the county boundary. In the south the boundary would awkwardly skirt, but not include, Blandford. 

However these 2017 proposals for new constituencies in and around North Dorset may be further modified when the BCE announces its final decisions in September 2018.

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