Council hypocrisy

It is easy to imagine the astonishment of the voters of Dorset when
faced with the hypocrisy of the Conservative-led Dorset County Council
which - whilst carrying out savage spending cuts to vital services
such as youth centres, bus services, libraries and (more recently)
register offices - have nevertheless found the cash to increase the
salary of its 15 senior officers by as much as £17,000.

The pay band for a head of service at Dorset County Council, for example, will rise
from £63,348-£79,714 to £80,500-£91,000. To add insult to injury, DCC
workers on lower grades will have their pay rises restricted to a
mere 1%.

It is accepted that the cuts in spending are partly dictated by the
continued massive cuts to the Conservative government grant given to
local authorities (although 'austerity' seems to taking a back seat in
government thinking since the referendum!) However, the judgements
about which services and which budgets to cut are down to each local
authority - and an authority which cuts essential spending, whilst
increasing the salaries of an exclusive few, can accept a harsh
verdict from the voters whom it supposedly exists to serve.

Hugo Mieville,
Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate,
North Dorset

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