General Election campaigns

Dementia Tax

Thanks to the Tory's new manifesto commitment to target the elderly and infirm, those receiving care in their own home will now face a ‘Personal Death Tax’ charged against their home. And the more help you need, the more Theresa May will snatch away when you die.

It is a betrayal of those who work hard all their lives, end up with a condition like dementia through no fault of their own and will now be hit with crippling costs to pay for their care.



Farming after Brexit

Agriculture plays a big role in the rural economy of North Dorset and despite requests for clarification, the Conservative candidate who was the assistant to the Farming Minister up to the General Election refuses to comment on what happens to farm subsidies after 2020.

The Conservative manifesto pledges to continue the Farm Payments to 2020 but will not commit beyond that date.


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