Hugo Miéville

Hugo Miéville is the Liberal Democrats’ "Prospective Parliamentary Candidate" (PPC) for the North Dorset parliamentary constituency.

He has been living and working in North Dorset for nearly thirty years, and has taught at Milton Abbey School for all this time. He is a foundation governor at the Blandford School. As a teacher, he takes a keen interest in education matters, and believes in a holistic approach. 

Hugo is a Blandford Forum town councillor, and is currently chair of their "Town and General Purposes Committee". He is a member of the "Blandford-Mortain Twinning Association" and has recently served as chair of the North Dorset Liberal Democrats. 

Hugo believes that the people of North Dorset are hard-working, generous and community oriented, and that they haven’t always had the national representation which they deserve. He has recently proposed the idea of a rural bill of rights, which is an attempt to establish some rural devolution for the English shires, as well as trying to address the chronic problem of rural inequality.

He has been a passionate advocate over a number of local issues, and has recently lent his support to campaigners over planning issues in Blandford Forum, Shaftesbury and Winterborne Whitechurch. He has also been lobbying for a quick resolution to the problems on the A350 and C13 roads and for the restoration of funding to fight against the "Blandford Fly". He is ‘a local man working for the area he loves.’ 

Hugo is an enthusiastic European, and thinks that it is vital that the UK stays within the EU - although he recognises the need for some structural reform, and the need to address the perceptions of voters about European immigration. 

He is totally committed to an NHS free at the point of delivery, and is delighted that the new Lib Dem manifesto prioritises the issue of mental health. 

He is proud to represent a party which has had the moral courage to prioritise green issues; gay marriage and guaranteed spending on overseas aid, whilst in government. 

Hugo is convinced that North Dorset is winnable for the Liberal Democrats, and that they can overcome the modest Conservative majorities of the last three General Elections, in an area where a vote for other parties is a wasted vote, and which has strong Liberal (and liberal) traditions and values.

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    Sign the petition: Simon Hoare - vote against the cuts

    Simon Hoare - vote against the cuts

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    Earlier this month the Conservative MP for North Dorset, Simon Hoare, voted in favour of cuts of £30 per week to Employment Support Allowances (ESA). ESA’s are benefits paid to disabled job-seekers to help with additional costs they incur in looking for work.

    The cuts were condemned by The Disability Benefits Consortium (DBC) which is a national coalition of 60 charities including The MS Society and Guide Dogs for the Blind. The DBC stated that “the cuts will have a detrimental impact on disabled people’s finances, their health as well as ability to move towards work.”

    Mr Hoare is Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Multiple Sclerosis and has supported various Guide Dogs campaigns since being elected and is therefore well aware of the unique challenges faced by the disabled in our community.

    In the recent Budget, George Osborne announced further cuts to benefits for the disabled through changes to Personal Independence Payments (PIPs) that will reduce spending  by £4 billion over the term of this Parliament.

    We believe that the priority should be to help those in society who need it most, not to reduce benefits for disabled people in order to fund tax cuts for high earners. We call on Simon Hoare to show real commitment to helping the disadvantaged in our society, not just by chairing committees in Parliament, but by voting AGAINST the cuts to Personal Independence Payments.


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    Sign the petition: Petition to Conservative MPs in Dorset

    Petition to Conservative MPs in Dorset

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    We believe that now is the time for politicians and members of the public of all political persuasions, who believe that Britain  is Stronger in Europe to work together to secure a better future for us all.

    Our economy benefits from our membership of the EU helping UK businesses succeed abroad and creating jobs at home.

    A vote to leave would threaten the UK's economic and national security and would weaken environmental safeguards that help protect the health and quality of life of people living in the UK.

    We therefore urge all Members of Parliament representing constituencies throughout Dorset to join the campaign and work together with us to secure a vote to Remain in the EU.Britain_Stronger_i_1045856a.jpg

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    Please donate generously to help ensure a strong Liberal Democrat representation in the 'North Dorset Parliamentary Constituency'. This includes councillors for Dorset County Council and North Dorset District Council.

    Many thanks!

    Hugo Miéville

    North Dorset Liberal Democrat 2015 parliamentary candidate



Blandford Forum Town Councillor. Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for North Dorset in 2015.