NDDC Local Plan Consultation to 22nd January 2018

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NDDC has embarked on producing a new Local Plan to replace the ones approved in 2003 and 2016 and is now consulting, until 22nd January 2018, on how to proceed on this.  

To assist, the council published two "Issues and Options" documents on Monday 27/11/17:

  • Consultation Document
  • Sustainability Appraisal Document

These documents will form part of the consultation.

The Consultation Document explains that the a new local plan is needed as new evidence on local housing, employment trends, etc. has now become available, which the old local plans do not take account of.

The consultation started on Monday 27/11/17 and runs to Monday 22/1/18.

The council has organised a number of drop-in events around North Dorset, between Monday 27/11/17 and Tuesday 12/12/17, where visitors will be able to view what is being considered. 

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