Proposed 'Rural Bill of Rights'

Hugo Miéville, PPC for North Dorset, and Ros Kaye, PPC for West Dorset feel that rural areas get a raw deal when it comes to both private and public services.

Many others have for years campaigned against individual issues such as higher fuel prices, lower funding for schools than urban areas, the decline in post offices and village shops. Each of these issues is worthy of a campaign in itself, but if we place them together, as part of a matrix or network of experience for any one individual living in a rural area, then we can see a clear picture of the inequality of access to services that many of us face - as well as deprivation that is in some cases equal to that of deprivation in urban areas.

If you feel that rural communities need more support when it comes to access to services such as transport, healthcare, access to education and even broadband read more below. If you agree - sign Hugo's petition.

We the undersigned ask the Government to recognise the so called 'rural penalty' suffered by those who live in the countryside, especially in relation to the higher costs of fuel and energy, and the problems of access to affordable housing, public transport, high speed broadband, health and education facilities and a wide range of other issues which disadvantage the rural resident. We ask for a commitment that all future policy and legislation be 'rural proofed' in relation to equality of access to services and for government to re-calibrate the calculation of the local government finance settlement to rural councils to enable them to redress the under-resourcing of services in relation to urban areas.

Will you sign?