Proposed Social Housing Sell Off

Figures produced by the "Local Government Association" (LGA) show that 76.6 per 1,000 households in Dorset were on the housing waiting-list in 2013-14, as opposed to an average for all English counties of 47 per 1000 households.

In the circumstances, does it really make any sense to sell off housing association houses under the UK Government's proposed "Right-to-Buy" scheme? This scheme will involve selling houses, built by public money, to private individuals.


It will run down the stock of public housing, at a moment of extreme shortage of affordable housing, either to rent or buy. The Government responds that the money raised from the housing association houses sold will be used to build new houses. But this is a convoluted scheme, which is obviously fraught with possible financial and planning delays. In any case, the rundown of the housing-stock belonging to housing associations will mean that they have less collateral to use in order to raise bank loans and thence to build other houses!


It is hard to see how those Dorset residents on our long housing waiting-list are going to be helped in any way by this ill-thought-out policy.


Not a wise move by the UK's Tory run Government in so many different ways....


Hugo Miéville

North Dorset Liberal Democrats 2015 parliamentary candidate



Revised 7th October

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