Responsibility of a local candidate

In response to some letters in the Blackmore Vale Magazine I recently commented  that an opposition parliamentary candidate's job is not only to proclaim the policies and principles of his or her own party (although that is of course important) but also to hold the government  (and ruling local party) to account for the decisions which they make.

That I will continue to do until the next election - whenever that might be! 

I also pointed out that it is a long time since our local MP was a local person. I have now lived and worked in North Dorset for 31 years. I don't know whether many would  count me as being ' local', but I hope that he would accept that I am more local than the current MP  who - as is well known by now - arrived here in 2015 from David Cameron's constituency in Oxfordshire.
I didn't make a big fuss over that fact last year during the campaign, since I thought it better to concentrate on our Lib Dem policies and principles.

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