The Budget, the NHS and Brexit

Anyone who uses our NHS knows the story: longer waiting lists, cancelled operations and loved ones stranded in hospital because their local council doesn’t have the resources to provide the care they need; and with the imminent prospect in Dorset of ward closures in community hospitals, and some doctors' surgeries disappearing. This is the NHS under the Conservative government. Liberal Democrats pushed for £4 billion of emergency funding in the budget for health and social care. That would have provided a cash injection of £29 million for local NHS services in Dorset, and £16.95 million for social care across Dorset. The Chancellor refused these proposals, and has put forward a budget that will see the share of our national income spent on the NHS fall in the coming years.
This is all being made worse, in the view of the Liberal Democrats, by the Government's Brexit plans - which are set to blow a £100 billion hole in the public finances. This is because the Conservatives are choosing to leave the world's largest Single Market. You can’t have a hard Brexit and a strong NHS at the same time. Our hospitals and schools are facing cuts partly because of the government’s self-imposed Brexit squeeze. The Liberal Democrats will stand up against these reckless plans, and fight to stay in the Single Market. This is the only way to ensure that our vital and much- loved public services are properly funded.


Hugo Mieville,

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate,

North Dorset

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