Blandford Area Planning Issues

The existing North Dorset District Local Plan (2016) states that future housing development in the Blandford area will take place in a south west direction. However, an alternative proposal by a group of Blandford residents is that development should take place to the north and east.

The North Dorset Liberal Democrats will continue to support the wishes of the community and to campaign for housing development in North Dorset which is affordable, provides the necessary infrastructure and protects the natural environment.

The North Dorset Liberal Democrats' Parliamentary Spokesman, Hugo Miéville adds:

The local community in Blandford are strongly in favour of housing development to the north of the by-pass. It could bring much needed infrastructure with it - for example, a new primary school, as detailed by the County Council.

In the past, a planning application was submitted to build houses on the environmentally-sensitive area of the Crown Meadows and this was successfully prevented from proceeding. The council must ensure that any further planning applications that might be submitted for this area are also rejected.



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