Blandford Plus Neighbourhood Plan

A neighbourhood plan for the Blandford area has been withdrawn and work started on a new plan.



Blandford Plus consists of Blandford TC, Blandford St Mary PC and Bryanston PC. Their neighbourhood plan was submitted for examination in July 2016 and was examined in the first half of 2017. A public hearing was held on 10th April 2017.

The examiner concluded that, provided her recommendations in her report were followed, the plan could proceed to a referendum. Her recommendations were:

  • Delete Policy 1 - Proposed major development to the north and east of Blandford.
  • Delete Policy 10.4 - Proposed designation of Crown Meadows as a 'local green space'.

However Blandford Plus did not accept these recommendations and, on 5th September 2017, they requested the intervention of the 'Department for Housing, Communities and Local Government' (DHCLG).

In response the Department commissioned a report in November 2017 and the subsequent findings were that, in view of the examiner's recommendations, the neighbourhood plan should be withdrawn. This was duly carried out on the 16th May 2018. In addition they recommended working with NDDC on their 'Issues and Options' review and with prospective developers to develop a new plan. 

Blandford Plus also then met with North Dorset DC, when it was agreed the new Blandford Plus neighbourhood plan would be the vehicle for continuing work with NDDC on their 'Issues and Options Review', for the allocation of development sites and for reviewing the settlement boundary.


Meanwhile, many other neighbourhood plans in North Dorset have been approved. 

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